Smart Aquaponix Garden 60

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Discover our Smart Aquaponix Garden 60 from Onuà World, designed to enable year-round cultivation of vegetables, plants, or flowers right in your own space, whether it's an apartment, house, or office. Here are the features that make our product a must-have solution:

  • 170L (45gal) aquarium and brushed stainless steel structure
  • 3 sturdy black plastic grow trays
  • 4 sets of natural bamboo wood panels; to cover each grow bed and the header of your garden.
  • One access door to the aquarium.
  • LED growth lighting and ambient LED lighting for the aquarium
  • 6 fans for optimal ventilation
  • pH probe and water level probe
  • 2 submersible pumps of 1800L/H (500GPH)
  • Integrated water heater
  • Built-in control box connected to a mobile app for easy garden management.

Dimensions assembled: 914mm (36in) wide, 457mm (18in) deep, 2134mm (84in) height

Weight information:

  • Empty garden: 83kg (183lbs)
  • Garden filled with water  and clay balls: 330kg (728lbs)

The mobile app, compatible with Android and Apple, offers the following features:

  • How to assemble your garden: Instructions on assembling your garden.
  • How to start your garden: Guidance on getting your garden started.
  • How to manage your garden: Tips and advice on garden maintenance.
  • Gardening suggestions: Recommendations and ideas for gardening.
  • Lighting period programming for each growing tray and the aquarium.
  • Adjustment of ventilation period and desired water temperature.
  • Alerts for adding water to the aquarium and significant water shortage in the garden.
  • Monitoring of aquarium water pH, crucial for nutrient absorption by plants.

You can download this app on your phone, tablet, or computer. Please note that the app download link will be available on our site upon the delivery of your first aquaponics garden. Enjoy a constant and fresh harvest with our Smart Aquaponics Garden.


Available in these countries

Canada, United States, United Kingdom, European countries and North Africa (Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco and Tunisia)

Shipping information

The Smart Aquaponix Garden 60 will be delivered in five separate packages, each containing the essential components of your garden. You will find the aquarium, electrical and electronic devices, the garden's structure, the growing trays, and the decorative wooden panels in these packages.

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Smart Aquaponix Garden 60
Smart Aquaponix Garden 60
Smart Aquaponix Garden 60
Smart Aquaponix Garden 60
Smart Aquaponix Garden 60
Smart Aquaponix Garden 60
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  • Robert
  • Sales Representative

"Whether it's summer or winter, I'll be connected to nature through this smart garden. Thank you for this incredible innovation!"

  • Dave
  • Lawyer

"With this smart aquaponics garden, I can use my own seeds and create my own vegetable garden, without any hassle or worry. It's a perfect solution for a busy lifestyle like mine."

  • John
  • HR Manager

"Employees will love its soothing aspect and the harmony it will bring to our workspace."

  • Carol
  • Interior Designer

"This beautiful smart aquaponics garden will add a touch of nature and sophistication to any space. My clients will love it, and so will I!"