Perfect location for your garden

The first step is to choose a space where your garden won't be exposed directly to
sunlight. If you opt for a location with direct exposure, we recommend covering
the outer surfaces of the aquarium with a material of your choice.


Starter Kit

Get the necessary solutions for testing your aquarium water. Make sure you can perform the following tests: water hardness, pH (even if you have a probe, it's essential to calibrate it initially), ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates. Also, get pH up and down solutions, a solution to remove tap water chlorine, and nitrifying bacteria solutions to start your aquarium cycle. You can get all these products in a pet shop.


Clay Balls

You'll need 170L of clay balls. See in your favorite garden center.


The Fish and their food

Choose food based on the types of fish you will introduce in your garden.


Seeds or Plants

Select the vegetables and fruits seeds you want to grow in your garden.


We are currently working to offer these products in our online store. We will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can obtain these items from a gardening center or pet store. Stay tuned for updates on product availability in our online store.