Use your own seeds

No substrate, capsules, or soil is required. You can use your own seeds or indoor plants. Our garden uses clay balls, creating an environment rich in bacteria that promote nutrient absorption by plants.


Low maintenance

No need for an aquarium filter, as the plants fulfill this role. Say goodbye to filter changes, filter cleaning, and vacuuming fish waste for aquarium enthusiasts. Plants capture waste while oxygenating the water. Just ensure that your plant roots don't block the overflow. Don't forget to feed your fish!


Continuous harvest:

Vegetables grow nearly twice as fast in our aquaponics garden. By selecting varieties with continuous flowering, like tomatoes or strawberries, you can harvest your favorite fruits and vegetables continuously. Thanks to the continuous nutrient supply, you can remove a plant at any time and replant or replace with another plant or seed.


Longevity of your garden

Harvest for years without having to empty and clean your aquaponics garden. Simply remove the plants you no longer wish to grow and replace them with others or indoor plants.


Unleash your creativity

Mix flowers, herbs, and vegetables freely according to your preferences. Have fun experimenting with different combinations of vegetables, fruits, and plants.


For aquaponics enthusiasts

The fish tank is large enough for you to raise fish that you enjoy consuming.


Recycle your garden

All components of our garden are recyclable. Refer to our manual for the appropriate recycling codes for each component.